Numerous medical research facilities have published evaluations and case studies
of AlignSport® products.


We work closely with the Keck School of Medicine at USC, the Steadman Philppon Research Institute of Vail Colorado, and the Kerlan Jobe Sports Institute of Los Angeles (to name a few) in efforts to support our research and findings and further our advancements.


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The Influence of a Dynamic Elastic Garment on Musculoskeletal & Respiratory Wellness in Computer Users

  • Michael Decker, PHD, StevenJ. Narvy, M.D., C. Thomas Vangsness, Jr. M.D


The Effectiveness of a Scapular Brace on Scapular Kinematics in American Society of Shoulder and Elbow Therapists

  • Uhl TL, K. W., Tripp BL, Spigelman TH, McClelland R


The Effects of Anatomic Enhancing Garments on Knee Performance and Injury during Skiing

  • University of Denver, Anne Bevington-Director of Health and Safety- Vail Resorts


The Effects of the S3 for Shoulder Pathologies

  • Steven Smith, Kerlan Jobe Sports Medicine Institute, Los Angeles, CA


    The Effects of a Posture Shirt on Rotator Cuff Muscle Strength

    • Kerlan Jobe Sports Medicine Institute, Los Angeles, CA


    The Effect of a Postural Enhancing Device on Sub-Acromial and Coracohumeral Distances during Shoulder Abduction: A Bi-Plane Fluoroscopy Imaging Study

    • Steadman Philippon Research Institute Vail, Colorado


    The Effects of a Posture Shirt on Throwing Velocity, Throwing Accuracy and Blood Flow in Professional Baseball Pitchers

    • Department of Orthopedic Surgery - Keck School of Medicine US