I’m a hairstylist & work long hours along with run & boot camp.  I have had excruciating Shoulder pain due to bad posture & an overworked body!!!  The Alignmed vest has changed my life!!   I used to stop running every 2 miles due to pain & wonder how I was going to make it through! I was recommended to Alignmed . William & all the staff took such great care of me to make sure my vest was fitted correctly and that I was wearing it to its fullest potential to relieve my pain!!  I CANNOT live without my vests!!  It gives me such great relief the minute I put it on, and it positions me where I naturally am! The relief of pain is so comforting.  I cannot say enough great things about this vest & their customer service!!  My posture is improving & my pain is less & less. I’m so thankful to have found the vest & have recommended William to anyone that talks back or shoulder pain.  The vest has helped them all.  I’m so thankful for this product !!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Shelley K. 

My wife and I have both had back issues for most of our adult lives stemming from injuries and height. I had come across an article on Alignmed Posture Shirts and decided to try them. We have been very happy with the shirts. We wear them when we are having a flair up of back pain, and never travel without them. They definitely help with mid and upper back pain, and also help us stay conscious of our posture. We have recommended them to a number of people, including some who just purchased their first ones this past week.

T.O. on 02/20/2020

Alignmed posture shirts have been life-changing. After a shoulder/neck surfing injury in 2012, I had significant daily arm and shoulder pain. Searching online for wearable shoulder/scapula support I found Alignmed. I had immediate pain relief once I started wearing their posture shirts, and they have helped me to live a relatively normal pain-free life. The shirts are high quality, durable, and I haven’t seen anything comparable on the market. They are comfortable, well made, and wash well. Alignmed has great customer service, and I highly recommend their products. I’ve been a satisfied customer since 2013.

Chris H. on 02/19/2020

As a Physical Therapist we’re often faced with the challenge of correcting posture to reduce pain. One such condition where this becomes crucial is Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS). We’re often successful in reducing or eliminating radiating pain but unfortunately reoccurrence rates can be high, especially if the patient participates in more challenging or longer duration activities utilizing the shoulders. The AlignMed sports bra has been a critical tool to address these patients symptoms. All four of my patients in the last 6 months with TOS whom have utilized the AlignMed sports bra rave that the product allows them to perform activities pain free that would otherwise cause them discomfort. My patients believe the bra helps teach them how to properly retract and depress their scapulas outside of therapy. More amazingly, most have stated that even several hours after they remove the sports bra they’re able to reproduce or maintain that desired posture. Another recent patient, whom is a primary care physician, finds relief from the sports bra so much she wears it daily as her primary undergarment and has found it to eliminate her upper thoracic spine pain completely. As a Physical Therapist I will continue to recommend the AlignMed sports bra to patients with various upper body impairments as a tool to help them succeed in reducing and eliminating their pain.

Dr. Amber Brown, PT DPT on 01/24/2020

I had always heard that chronic back pain would be a part of my daily life as a dentist and I was constantly trying to find ways to minimize and manage my pain. A dentist friend recommended I try Alignmed’s Posture Shirt, and I noticed that my pain levels after long days at work were much lower. The tightness of the shirt reminds me to engage my core and the support around my shoulders gives me a lot of relief when I am constantly torquing my neck and body to do my job. I’m so happy I found this company and have tried other posture shirts made around the world, but these are truly superior.

Tiffany S. 01/14/2020

I usually do not write reviews.I am a nurse and I am on my feet for sometimes 16 hours a day. These are the best insoles for people who are on their feet all day. They are like walking on a cloud. I used to have such pain in my legs and feet after working a shift, but not anymore! I would strongly encourage you to get these insoles the technology is amazing. I just bought my second pair as they only last three to six months, but they are worth every penny. Feet that do not hurt means your body does not hurt. Great product I cannot say enough about all their products. Thank you Alignmed!! 

Stacey Martin on 12/30/2019

I have bulging discs in my lower back and have used various braces, physical therapy, and yoga. While physical therapy and yoga helped, my back pain would come back due to my poor posture. The braces did not adjust my posture very well, but these Posture Shirts have really done the trick. I wear them at work and while playing sports to reduce the load on my lower back and encourage muscle usage during these activities. My shoulders were sore the first week I wore the shirts clearly showing me my poor posture. Since then I feel great, have better posture, and don't even have to continue yoga/physical therapy to maintain my good health. I tell anyone I hear about with back pain about these shirts and have gifted some to a few people as well. Due to the success of the Posture Shirts, I recently purchased the insoles from Alignmed. In the beginning they felt odd on my feet, but now they feel pretty good. They were very easy to fit to my shoe with their recommended cut lines on them. Alignmed has worked very well for me and I am glad my friend told me about them years ago! Thank you for producing great products and happy holidays! -

AA on 12/26/2019 

I started using the Posture Shirt over a decade ago.  I work full time as a general contractor (I physically work with my team every day, I am not a standby contractor.  The work is very physical and demanding).  Three times a week, starting at 3:00 a.m., I work out for 2 hours then run 7-10 miles before work, then work an 8-10 hour day.  I am also a member of this nation’s defense forces. Before I started using the posture shirt, my back, shoulders, and neck would become stiff and at times, tighten by the end of the day.  This was uncomfortable and was slowing me down.  After seeing an article in the Orange County Register about Alignmed, I decided to give it a try.  I drove to the Alignmed office for a fitting (I don’t live far from the office).  Everyone at Alignmed was very nice and all were wearing the shirt.  After getting fitted and wearing the Posture Shirt for about a week, all the stiffness and tightness went away.  From that day forward, I’ve been comfortable.  I was so impressed with how fast and how well the Posture Shirt worked, I’ve been one of Alignmed’s biggest advertisers!  I can’t count how many people I’ve told about the Alignmed Posture Shirt – but it’s a lot! Thanks for all the comfort . . . I’m a lifetime customer!

Dan Derkum on 12/04/2019

I don’t generally do reviews unless the product exceeds all expectations and beyond, your product has achieved both! I learned of your product searching online. After many months of numbness/ pain in my right hand , along with chiropractic, inversion, acupuncture, acupressure treatment, the shirt made the biggest impact!! It corrected my posture while I was pruning 1000’s of wine grapes and playing professional French Horn! I now just wear the shirt when feeling worn out from a heavy work week and the start of pruning season. The wife is now having issues and was looking at other products. I’m going to surprise her this Christmas with the shirt and leggings. If she is pleased, the heavens will open for me! Her scrutiny is intense! Thanks for the positive help your product has provided!

Bret Seebeck on 12/04/2019

Originally I seen an article in the Shelby report (a Supermarket publication) As a sufferer of severe Thoracic back pain as the day wears on, I was looking for any and all help. I was wearing a compression garment and the Alignmed shirt provided more upper spine support, so I changed and have been using them ever since. I buy around 5 new ones per year. They last with no notice of wear. Wash them in gentle cycle and hang dry them. They dry in a very short time. I wear them daily underneath dress or polo shirts. Alignmed helps with the pain, so I wear them daily.

Dave McKelvey on 12/03/2019

Can’t remember how I heard about alignmed.  I have had 3 lumbar back surgeries.  The first two were 20+ years ago and the last was a lumbar fusion 5 years ago. I was a surgeon for 50 years and so understand the anatomy, core, etc.  I do core exercises daily but usually wear the alignmed posture shirts almost daily at the gym, hours at the computer and general wear to maintain a good posture.  Initially hard to get on, get used to but once in place seem to give overall comfort even after removal. 

Kenneth Prebil on 12/03/2019

I have had bad posture my entire life. I wanted to do something to correct it and read a story on I believe Dwight Howard, the NBA star. I purchased a zip front shirt in white and found it helpful. After a few hours, I could try to retrain my muscles, and was successful to have better posture.I purchased a second one in black, so I could wear more often depending on the outfit. I would wear traveling or when I was going to do a lot of walking. I also have a posture bra from Enell. I tried wearing both at same time and was uncomfortable. I would wear your shirts on occasion but not as much as I would like, so I purchased the bra at a local shop. Flash forward to this fall, and I’m doing a very physical job unpacking boxes, with a lot of stretching and stooping and standing 6 hrs a day at the job. The shirts have been very helpful on my lower back especially. I now only work with one of the shirts under my clothes. I recommended to a couple co-workers yesterday and for their sake I  hope that they purchased. I also recommended to my sister for her to purchase the shirt/bra for my niece who has the bad posture like me. I would like her to correct in her teens and not her 50s. I decided to try the bra and the inserts( I ruined my feet wearing high heeled shoes- walking on slate and concrete did not help either). I’m looking forward to receiving my new items. Not for publication-The only issue I have is that when I tuck into my pants it will slide up from the silkiness of my underwear when I bend over. I then have to pull down. Maybe there could be a sticky grip on the elastic, or I tad longer- I’m 5’7”. Since wearing the shirts 5-6 days a week for 7hrs a day the past month I feel that my posture is better and that it has helped me have more stamina. The day I only wore the Enell bra my lower back really hurt. I therefore made the decision to only wear an Alignmed shirt everyday under my clothes. I ordered the bra, but not sure if I will need to wear the shirt everyday still. I will just have to experiment. I hope that others followed my recommendation and get your products. –

Sarah on 12/03/2019

I had always heard that chronic back pain would be a part of my daily life as a dentist and I was constantly trying to find ways to minimize and manage my pain. A dentist friend recommended I try Alignmed’s Posture Shirt, and I noticed that my pain levels after long days at work were much lower. The tightness of the shirt reminds me to engage my core and the support around my shoulders gives me a lot of relief when I am constantly torquing my neck and body to do my job. I’m so happy I found this company and have tried other posture shirts made around the world, but these are truly superior. 

Tiffany S. DDS - General Dentistry


I wear an AlignMed garment on a regular basis and believe enthusiastically that they have a role in nutrition therapy, metabolic enhancement and weight maintenance.

David Heber, MD, World-renowned expert in nutrition; Founding director Center for Human Nutrition at UCLA; Program Director and Principal Investigator, UCLA Clinical Nutrition Research Unit, Nutrition and Obesity Training Program, and Center for Dietary Supplements Research in Botanicals, all funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Muscle contractions do more than move muscle; they establish and remember movement patterns through muscle memory and motor Learning. This form of biofeedback has proven to be enhanced by ALIGNMED Garments. In my clinic I have used it on professional athletes in the NFL and MLB as well as active adults over 65; it makes a difference in their everyday activity. ALIGNMED is an entirely new standard in apparel.

Greg Markarian, MD
, Diplomat of the American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons, AANA, International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopedic Sports Medicine.


There is mounting evidence that ALIGNMED clothing can assist the elderly by preserving neuromuscular function and providing biofeedback stimulation for proper posture. With age the everyday activity of riding a bike or even walking may go from being automatic to requiring that we think about it; an elderly person does not suffer a tragic fall by way of choice. The garments produce a tension on muscles that reminds the wearer to be in proper form.

Taras Kochno, MD,
Board-certified Physiatrist: Director Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation International.


Alignmed has scientifically demonstrated in three independent biomechanics labs that the retracted, anatomically desired position of the scapula can be reproducibly controlled to assist and maintain correct posture. The clinical relevance is important to my shoulder practice. I have used this brace in clinical situations of chronic pain due to neck and/or shoulder pathologies. Whether it involves sports activity or excessive computer use the ALIGNMED products can help restore and maintain appropriate scapular mechanics as well as provide maintenance of a healthier retracted scapular position.

C.Thomas Vangsness Jr, MD,
Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California USC and one of the team physicians for the University of Southern California.


I had a slap tear in my labrum tendonitis in my rotor cuff and a bone bruise in my shoulder. Surgery was not indicated because I had many problems but not one singled out enough to require surgery. Also my tendons in my bent arm inside the elbow were killing me. I remember sitting at the Blue Water Grill crying, my elbow hurt so badly. After doing research on Dwight Howard’s injury – I found he was wearing AlignMed. Needless to say: Miraculous is an understatement. I went from a motion limitation of 90 degree angle on my arm to 360 degrees in two weeks. I have no pain and as my mother (who also wears AlignMed) says “I feel like my whole body is 10 years younger.”

Deborah A Turner, 67, Newport Beach, CA.


I appreciate having your MyLign Posture Shirt, it lets me do my knitting with no back or arm pain for as long as I want... I am not able to knit for any period of time without it... thanks so much.

Katherine Ann Schirmer, 82, St.Paul, MN.


My name is Terri Harris; I am a 20-year critical care registered nurse veteran. Since 1990 I've had 3 right shoulder reconstructive surgeries, including rotator cuff, impingement, dislocation, A-C separation repairs, C5-C6 neck reconstruction surgery for traumatic herniation with cord compression, right elbow lateral epicondyl tendon reconstructive surgery for traumatic rupture. As a result of the mentioned surgeries, I have had years of physical and occupation therapy along with other modalities including acupuncture, bi occipital nerve blocks, and multiple medications. Last year my orthopedic surgeon recommended the S3 Brace for me. I can say without a doubt that the moment I put the S3 Brace on, I could feel my body alignment automatically occur without much active, conscious movement on my part. I have noticed a tremendous improvement in my posture, which I thought was good and had been told by many people what good posture I had. Not only did my posture seem to improve naturally, but also my neck, shoulder and back pain I was experiencing seemed to slowly disappear. This past summer, I broke my ribs in a go-cart race. I put my S3 Brace on for the next few weeks and it really helped me feel better while my ribs healed. I use my S3 Brace on and off when I feel like I need to. I highly recommend the S3 Brace for anyone who has neck, back or shoulder issues. My son is a golfer and we just ordered him the S3 Brace.

Terri Harris, RN.


I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how much I appreciate your professionalism and care. You provide a valuable service that has a very positive effect on the self-esteem of women like me who have had an assault on their body and confidence.

I can only speak from my own personal experience your S3 has had on my acceptance of myself and the rise in confidence whenever I have to go out in public. My story would not be unique to your company but it has been a personal struggle for me. When I was born in 1957 I apparently had a massive infection and the solution in those days was to cut it out which resulted in a partial mastectomy of the right breast. It also resulted in some scarring which I asked about as a child but was never given a full explanation. As I was going through puberty it then became obvious to me that the end result was far more reaching than just some unsightly scarring. My relationship with my mother was rather distant and as a result I have had no one to confide in regarding the problem. This resulted in a lot of shame and embarrassment, which stayed with me.

For my whole adult life I have had to be careful with my choice of clothing. I have never been able to wear T- shirts or knitted tops without a loose over shirt regardless of the season. My posture has made me hunched over to help disguise the unevenness. Now I have a choice to wear what I like and discard the over shirt in the warm weather. This is the first time I walk straight and tall, which is necessary when one is less than five feet tall.

There is no easy way to put words on paper to rightly express the change in my confidence and greater acceptance of my body image. I thank you very much for the caring and professional manner you dealt with my problem and how you put me at ease.

Thank you for your service and being a kind caring person.



I really like this shirt; it very gently pulls back my shoulders and helps with posture realignment. I notice my headaches from my shoulder problems seem much less.

Dana Mireles


Hi, I'm a soccer mom. My 15 year old daughter has two issues with her shoulders. One is that she [previously injured] her left one,[it] grew so fast that her joints are too loose for her tendons, ligaments and muscles in her shoulders. She is a very high level soccer player. (Youngest player named to a WPSL team this summer in the US). She runs on an average of 20 miles on an average week of soccer and double that for tournaments. We were taping her with a special tape but it just wouldn't give the consistent hold she needed. Her PT said he attended one of your seminars and said the shirt's support was in the same position of the tape we were trying to accomplish. This past weekend was the first two games she has played in 3 months!!! She didn't want to come off the field. She is the player that always stays on the field for full 90 minutes of play too! She was only lasting 10 - 15 minutes a game, crawling off the field in extreme pain. The pain is very, very minimal now with the shirt on. Of course we will continue her PT but this is a huge moment for her as the college showcases are soon approaching Thank you so much for your product!!!

PS. We even bought two because it is a MUST HAVE! Much Appreciated, Wendy Law


Megan Sauviac, an Athletic Trainer at Virginia Tech University, spoke about one of her tennis players who has significant shoulder instability:

“We have seen great results with the S3! Shannon's pain levels have decreased significantly and her posture has definitely improved. Overall, we think this product has directly impacted her level of play. I have to say that I’ve seen significant improvements in my posture after wearing the posture shirt. Thank you for this great product!”

Megan Sauviac


Kate Cooper-Jensen is an extreme sport consultant and organizer. Kate and her husband Carsten Jensen are professional ski divers and base Jumpers holding world records! Kate has done over 9000 jumps over the past 30 years. Kate is co-founder and leads the event- Jump For the Cause. The most recent Jump For the Cause (September 2009) was the largest all-female skydiving formation of 181 skydivers that set a new world record. This event and organization has raised over a million dollars for the City of Hope, a cancer foundation based in Los Angeles County.

Kate and Carsten travel the world pursuing adventures from running marathons in LA and NY to climbing Mt. Whitney.

Kate turned to the S3 system to rehabilitate herself after shoulder reconstructive surgery. Today she wears the Posture Shirt® to keep stable in her heart pounding active lifestyle.

Thank you SO MUCH for these products. I bought my first Alignmed Posture shirt earlier this year to help stabilize my poor scapulae. As a professional skydiver (with worn out shoulders) your products have allowed me to compete with less pain and better posture. I get complemented on my stance everywhere I go in the world now! I'm shopping for a few more shirts in different colors now. THANK YOU!

Carsten & Kate Cooper-Jensen


So I received the posture shirt yesterday in the mail....and was very excited to try them out this am. I must say....awesome product... the biggest surprise to me was the shirt. I looked at it and was like...no way...this thing is tiny!! But I got it on and I will be honest...it’s really awesome!! I tend to lean forward especially when I have tired legs...and this shirt really helps with posture and arm carriage with running...I never would have thought it would work when I saw it in the bag...I thought it looked really small and that it would chafe and be uncomfortable...Neither of which was true...

So all in all...a great first experience with the posture shirt....I look forward to trying them again maybe for a longer run....


Erin Hall


I think these shirts should really be a part of every training staff, rehabilitation process from the standpoint of anybody that has a shoulder problem, has some kind of scapular issue involved, this jacket’ think these shirts should really be a part of“It’s going to align your whole posture. One thing about this jacket is that it’s not going to hinder you at all. If anything, the jacket is going to help you. There’s no negative side effect.”

Chip Vaugn, NFL All Pro (unsolicited testimony)


Tommy Shirley is a MLB player for the Astros that utilized the S3 to rehabilitate his shoulder to continue to play and excel as a pitcher!

Since I started wearing the S3 System I have found success. I am a pitcher and needed something to strengthen and align my shoulders; the S3 was exactly what I needed. It gave me instant pain relief once I put on the brace. It was not done after that though, as I kept wearing the brace it greatly improved my posture and gave my shoulder more strength. It improved my fastball from 88mph to up to 94mph. It has increased my upper body flexibility and strength almost magically, but it is pure science. Before the S3 I had poor posture, after wearing the brace for a few weeks it cleaned up my poor posture. At times, I even throw and do workouts in the brace to keep good athletic posture. The S3 was a big part of my success at Xavier University and earned me the honor of being picked by the Houston Astros in the 9th round of the 2010 MLB Draft (237). My family and friends are firm believers of the brace and have even ordered their own. It is truly revolutionary.

Tommy Shirley (LHP)


I've used the V-neck posture shirt and am quite impressed. I'm happy with the size but thought a bit more tension would be nice. However, taking the shirt off after a days work, I realized the tension was ample; there was a noticeable difference both on and off.

Dan Flanigen


Alignmed’s Posture Shirt has given me pain relief after only 12 hours of use. I have head forward posture and shoulder instability. The Posture Shirt pulls your shoulders back where they should be. My shoulder feels stabilized when wearing the shirt and pain has been reduced. Also, my neck has naturally followed my shoulders back to where it should be. As a result, I can feel the back of neck getting tighter and stronger. I am confident this will help eliminate my head forward posture. I have also started to pull my shoulders and my neck back even when I am not wearing the shirt. I am defiantly going to order more of these shirts. The Posture Shirt is an easy way to improve your posture – I highly recommend!

Matt Polansky


Cyclists wear compression garments religiously after rides, races, and even to bed. The benefits of compression garments have been claimed in many forums and studies and many cyclists wear them to promote muscle recovery. The Alignmed line of compression garments is some of the newest to hit the market and their motto is “evidenced based sports apparel.” The idea is if one body part is misaligned, then other parts of the body move in and out of line to maintain balance and thus energy is expended to counteract the effects of gravity. Special elastic is sewn anatomically into the garments that align the shoulder and knees. Professional cyclists from Fly V Australia (Ben Day and Bernie Sulzberger) tested the garments.

The Posture Shirt is a compression garment, but it also improves your posture. So much of what cyclists do is hunching forward, working on computers, riding bicycles, and eating at dinner tables all contribute to bad spinal health. Special elastic is sewn anatomically into the shirt, which pulls the shoulders back. The riders found the shirt amazing in the way it draws back your posture in a healthier shape without being uncomfortable and without requiring contraction of the back muscles. The shirt actually teaches your brain to pull your shoulders back into proper posture. After wearing the shirt for a day, one can feel the muscles of the shoulder have been worked and well as achieving good compression. Most riders suggested that erring towards a smaller shirt was better.

The riders reported that the garments to be cool and comfortable, even in temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Alignmed line of garments are the some of the most advanced to hit the market and back up their claims with medical studies from reputable sports medicine clinics such as the Kerlan-Jobe Clinic. These compression garments could be used solely as compression garments or to help stabilize your shoulders and knees. They sell for more than other compression garments on the market, but are competitively priced. Consult with your physician if the Alignmed garments could help you. And if your doctor prescribes them, insurance may even pick up the bill.

Jonathan Edwards M.D., Las Vegas, NV.


Keith called us in tears to share his appreciation for ALIGNMED® as person living with Multiple Sclerosis:

My name is Keith Gouverneur and " I've carried the burden" ( I dislike the words "suffer from") of Secondary Multiple Sclerosis since 1979.

Although I'm as functioning as possible for someone with my profile I suffer from hideous muscle spasticity and punishing body misalignment. Years of moving-or rather trying to move- in asymetrical fashion has resulted in bad posture and much worst...

and since it is a neurological and autoimmune disorder without cure in sight- those of us refuse to "give up" immediately treasure anything that can provide the kind of relief my Alignmed crew neck has offered me-

I got mine yesterday and have not take it off since.


Keith Gouverneur


Chris Del Bosco is a member of the Canadian National Ski Cross Team and is ranked number 2 in the FIS World Cup rankings. He won four Silver medals and one Gold medal on the World Cup circuit last ski season.

Chris wears the Posture Shirt during training and when he is competing.

Posture Shirt:

Wearing the Posture Shirt helps me to get out of the “Starting gate” inches ahead of my competition. Increased strength and correct alignment are huge advantages in performance.

Chris Del Bosco


PGA Professional, Brett Massingham, stopped touring because his issues with multiple sclerosis have affected his posture and efficient arm swing. After learning about a shirt would increase his shoulder strength and help his body function better in everyday movements, he decided to test it both on and off the course. Amazingly, his first two times back out on the tour, he placed 3rd in each event. Further, on two separate swing velocity tests, using the latest computer technology, his swing speed increased 2 to 3 MPH.

I was asked to try the Posture Shirt and the PSG Golf Shirt, to test the products both on and off the golf course. I agreed, as I understood the potential value of proper alignment and posture to positively impact my golf swing. I was also told that the Posture Shirt would increase my shoulder strength and would help my body function better in everyday movements as well as in golf. Frankly, I was interested but skeptical...

I tested the Posture Shirt and the PSG Golf Shirt and was very happy with the results. First, I performed two separate swing velocity tests, using the latest computer technology. If you are a golfer you understand we are trying to hit the ball as far as possible. The swing velocity tests confirmed that with the PSG Posture Shirt, my swing speed increased by 2-3 mph. That equates to 5-7 yards in distance.

I still needed to be convinced that my increased swing velocity in the PSG Posture Shirt would translate to actually helping my game where it counts the most... on the course. I used the PSG Shirt in two Professional Tournaments and I hit the ball great, finishing 3rd in both. The PSG really did give me an extra 5 to 7 yards per shot, so naturally I was able to use a better club for my second and third shots.

I have also been using the Posture Shirt in everyday life and I can feel my posture improving and I feel better in the shirt. I am pleased to say these products work. I am a big fan of Alignmed, and feel this will help golfers and everyday people to obtain better posture and a healthier way of life.

By the way, when I was much younger, I used to ride motorcycles professionally and I recently tried the Posture Shirt on a 350-mile ride. I also put them on my 65-year-old dad who also did the ride. I couldn’t believe how good I felt after a long and grueling ride. My upper body was not nearly as fatigued, as it should have been. My dad also felt great...all he kept saying was “what are these things.” Whether you are a golfer, dirt bike rider or anything else, these products will help you.

Brett Masssingham-PGA Professional.


As an orthopedic surgeon, I perform a variety of different types of surgery, several of which require sitting or standing while working with my arms out front at chest level for prolonged periods of time. Usually after 45 minutes to an hour of maintaining this type of position, I begin having mid back pain. The first time I had the opportunity to wear the posture shirt while performing surgery; I noticed that I was concluding the end of my fourth hour of surgery without any pain. Being somewhat skeptical I thought that perhaps this was just a good day. The next day after a similar length of operating while wearing the shirt, again I experienced no pain. The following week I operated one day without wearing the shirt. Almost like clockwork the onset of mid back pain occurred about one hour into operating. Since then, I have been very religious in wearing your product and I have found a substantial reduction in any type of back pain associated with prolonged sitting, standing or reaching.

I was amazed to find just how important improving posture has helped with reduction of back pain and my activities of daily living. I am sure that others will find your product to be helpful as well.

Michael S. LaDouceur, M.D. Member AAOS, Summit Bone and Joint.


The goal of rehabilitation for musculoskeletal pain should not only be relief of pain but restoration of function. The S3 and EXOMED devices have been beneficial in allowing my patients to suffer less and to progress their rehabilitation program to allow them to maximize their level of daily activities and sporting activities. The S3 and EXOMED devices have become a valuable part of my practice.

Stan Herring, MD, UW clinical professor in the Departments of Rehabilitation Medicine, Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, and Neurological Surgery. He is director of Sports, Spine and Orthopaedic Health for UW Medicine with a particular interest in disorders of the spine and sports concussion.


The Posture Shirt is a compression garment, but it also improves your posture. So much of what cyclists do is hunching forward, working on computers, riding bicycles, and eating at dinner tables all contribute to bad spinal health. Special elastic is sewn anatomically into the shirt, which pulls the shoulders back. The riders found the shirt amazing in the way it draws back your posture in a healthier shape without being uncomfortable and without requiring contraction of the back muscles. The shirt actually teaches your brain to pull your shoulders back into proper posture. After wearing the shirt for a day, one can feel the muscles of the shoulder have been worked and well as achieving good compression. Most riders suggested that erring towards a smaller shirt was better.

Jonathan Edwards, MD, Sports practitioner for cyclists in the U.S. and Europe and a regular contributor to Road Bike Action Magazine.


The U.S. population is becoming more sedentary and the simple act of sitting for many hours a day has become a medical issue. The tensile bands in ALIGNMED garment design enhances the properties of muscle contractions and neurologic pathways needed to stimulate idle muscles and joints. These garments are a must for idle and athletic populations.

Craig Morgan MD, Clinical professor, University of Pennsylvania and associate clinical professor, Thomas Jefferson University. Member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, American Society for Sports Medicine.


ALIGNMED garments should be viewed as important medicine for injury prevention and fatigue management therapies. This research should not to be taken lightly.

Ron Navarro, MD, Chief of Orthopedics, Southern California Kaiser Permanente Medical.


Perfecting muscle movement relationships without excessive strain is a foundation for preventing injury in the work environment; ALIGNMED can be a key prevention therapy for this. ALIGNMED Garments have proven effective in spinal rehab and fatigue management in my athletic and elderly populations.

Steven Gorin, Orthopedic DO, Orthopaedic Surgeon at Institute of Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics.


We balance on just two feet applying tens of thousands of pounds of pressure daily. Too many of us this is not easily and effortlessly accomplished, especially while performing multiple actions like running, dancing, reaching, talking... all while perpetually seeking balance. Injured or not, the neurostimulation created from the ALIGNMED garments can only help.

Phil Donnelly, PhD, MLB Pitcher, Coach, Trainer, and published author on books and research involving the neuromuscular mechanics of basAlignmedll and athleticism.


Sometimes physicians look at the way a patient moves or feels pain by examining individual body parts, even though the human body works in unity, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. ALIGNMED garment enhance entire posture throughout the entire body.

Carlos Prietto, MD, Clinical Professor of Orthopaedics at the University of California, Irvine and member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, and the Western Orthopaedic Association. He is the Head Team Physician for the University of California, Irvine Athletic Program and team physician for Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, CA.


"Better than 90% of the energy output of the brain is used in relating the physical body in its gravitational field (Proprioception).

The more mechanically distorted a person is, the less energy available for thinking, metabolism and healing.”

Roger Sperry, PhD (1981 Nobel Prize)