Our Experts

Evidence Based Apparel® and NeuroBand® Technology are designed and tested by an esteemed group of 25 medical and sports scientists with expertise in a wide array of scientific disciplines.  This unprecedented think-tank is the AlignMed Medical Advisory Panel or AMAP – AMAP contributes extraordinary time and energy and shares in the AlignMed vision that Evidence Based Apparel is a breakthrough innovation in therapy that will have a significant impact on the burden of musculoskeletal health in society.


NEAL ELATTRACHE, M.D., AlignMed expert panel  C. Thomas Vangsness, AlignMed Expert Panel  JONATHAN R.L. SCHWARTZ, M.D. AlignMed expert panel  TARAS KOCHNO, M.D. AlignMed Expert Panel  TOM HOUSE, PH.D.  STEPHEN H. HOCHSCHULER, M.D. Alignmed expert panel  BRIAN J. COLE, M.D., M.B.A. alignmed expert panel  Gary Vitti, BS, MS, ATC, alignmed expert panel  STEVE A. MORA, M.D. alignmed expert panel  CRAIG MORGAN, M.D. alignmed expert panel  BRYAN KELLY, M.D. alignmed expert panel  GREG MARKARIAN, M.D. alignmed expert panel  CARLOS A. PRIETTO, M.D., alignmed expert panel  STEVEN GORIN, D.O., alignmed expert panel    PHIL DONLEY, PT, ATC, MS, alignmed expert panel  VIJAY B. VAD, M.D., alignmed expert panel   Samuel Bederman