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I’m a hairstylist & work long hours a...

Shelley K. 1/16/2020

I’m a hairstylist & work long hours along with run & boot camp. I have had excruciating Shoulder pain due to bad posture & an overworked body!!! The Alignmed vest has changed my life!! I used to stop running every 2 miles due to pain & wonder how I was going to make it through! I was recommended to Alignmed . William & all the staff took such great care of me to make sure my vest was fitted correctly and that I was wearing it to its fullest potential to relieve my pain!! I CANNOT live without my vests!! It gives me such great relief the minute I put it on, and it positions me where I naturally am! The relief of pain is so comforting. I cannot say enough great things about this vest & their customer service!! My posture is improving & my pain is less & less. I’m so thankful to have found the vest & have recommended William to anyone that talks back or shoulder pain. The vest has helped them all. I’m so thankful for this product !!!

My wife and I have both had back issu...

T.O. 2/20/2020

My wife and I have both had back issues for most of our adult lives stemming from injuries and height. I had come across an article on Alignmed Posture Shirts and decided to try them. We have been very happy with the shirts. We wear them when we are having a flair up of back pain, and never travel without them. They definitely help with mid and upper back pain, and also help us stay conscious of our posture. We have recommended them to a number of people, including some who just purchased their first ones this past week.

Alignmed posture shirts have been lif...

Chris H. 2/19/2020

Alignmed posture shirts have been life-changing. After a shoulder/neck surfing injury in 2012, I had significant daily arm and shoulder pain. Searching online for wearable shoulder/scapula support I found Alignmed. I had immediate pain relief once I started wearing their posture shirts, and they have helped me to live a relatively normal pain-free life. The shirts are high quality, durable, and I haven’t seen anything comparable on the market. They are comfortable, well made, and wash well. Alignmed has great customer service, and I highly recommend their products. I’ve been a satisfied customer since 2013.

As a Physical Therapist we’re often f...

Dr. Amber Brown 1/24/2020

As a Physical Therapist we’re often faced with the challenge of correcting posture to reduce pain. One such condition where this becomes crucial is Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS). We’re often successful in reducing or eliminating radiating pain but unfortunately reoccurrence rates can be high, especially if the patient participates in more challenging or longer duration activities utilizing the shoulders. The AlignMed sports bra has been a critical tool to address these patients symptoms. All four of my patients in the last 6 months with TOS whom have utilized the AlignMed sports bra rave that the product allows them to perform activities pain free that would otherwise cause them discomfort. My patients believe the bra helps teach them how to properly retract and depress their scapulas outside of therapy. More amazingly, most have stated that even several hours after they remove the sports bra they’re able to reproduce or maintain that desired posture. Another recent patient, whom is a primary care physician, finds relief from the sports bra so much she wears it daily as her primary undergarment and has found it to eliminate her upper thoracic spine pain completely. As a Physical Therapist I will continue to recommend the AlignMed sports bra to patients with various upper body impairments as a tool to help them succeed in reducing and eliminating their pain.

I had always heard that chronic back ...

Tiffany S 1/14/2020

I had always heard that chronic back pain would be a part of my daily life as a dentist and I was constantly trying to find ways to minimize and manage my pain. A dentist friend recommended I try Alignmed’s Posture Shirt, and I noticed that my pain levels after long days at work were much lower. The tightness of the shirt reminds me to engage my core and the support around my shoulders gives me a lot of relief when I am constantly torquing my neck and body to do my job. I’m so happy I found this company and have tried other posture shirts made around the world, but these are truly superior.

I usually do not write reviews.I am a...

Stacey Martin 12/30/2019

I usually do not write reviews.I am a nurse and I am on my feet for sometimes 16 hours a day. These are the best insoles for people who are on their feet all day. They are like walking on a cloud. I used to have such pain in my legs and feet after working a shift, but not anymore! I would strongly encourage you to get these insoles the technology is amazing. I just bought my second pair as they only last three to six months, but they are worth every penny. Feet that do not hurt means your body does not hurt. Great product I cannot say enough about all their products. Thank you Alignmed!!

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